We help ambitious leaders, changemakers and organisations build brands that drive social justice

Collette from Brand by Me working with the CEO of ABC Life Support CIC

The brand framework, identity and tone of voice principles that we developed with you were really strong. They really helped us to hone our strengths as an organisation, giving us clarity and helping us define who we are with confidence.  The cross-organisational workshops you facilitated were crucial for getting staff to interrogate who we are and challenging us to be bolder and braver.

Womankind Worldwide





We work with ambitious organisations to develop a brand strategy that drives social justice.  We embed equity diversity and inclusion into the heart of brand and communications.  We help you clarify your strategy and articulate your purpose, personality vision and values in a way that drives tangible and positive change.


We lead personal brand workshops and create open and safe spaces for leaders and changemakers to learn together.  


We regularly speak at panel events and conferences both online and in-person, along with facilitating masterclasses and training sessions for individuals and organisations.

‘We’re quite a complex organisation and the sector itself is quite complicated but Brand by Me managed to dive straight in and really get the organisation, which instilled a lot of confidence with colleagues. The process has been invaluable in showing us how we’re different and the value we add.’

Sarah Bradford, Head of Communications at Conciliation Resources


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When we say that “we build brands that drive social justice”, we mean that we help brands understand their role in tackling and addressing inequity. This means identifying where and how the brand is supporting or fuelling unfair or unequal practices. This means listening to audiences, and understanding who is being excluded from the brand and why – this is different to targeting. Once we understand the brand’s role in tackling inequity, we help you develop powerful propositions and action plans that will help you dismantle these systemic barriers and achieve positive change. And everything we do starts with your brand.


“We’re definitely not finished with Brand by Me. We will absolutely be working again with you in the coming year.  Collette supported us to think about how we can build anti racism into the Young Scot brand. Collette reviewed, our content, and our comms and challenged us so strongly not to reinforce a colonial narrative and made it clear that our anti racism work can’t just be one month of Black History Month. And what we learned from you so much is that this work has to be consistent, has to be genuine and as an organization, we have to and we will continue to face some hard truths, recognize them, and most importantly, address them as we move forward.”

Hilary Kidd, Smart Services Director, Young Scot (taken from our Hot Seat Masterclass, Feb 2022)