About Us

We are a brand consultancy based in London and Hertfordshire.

We believe that brands have a role in tackling inequity.

Brands have a responsibility to the world. It is not enough to do no harm as we carry out our business.  As a brand consultancy, we help our clients actively do good and consistently look for ways to be better.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a small charity or non-profit or a huge global corporation, a business should create a positive impact on the people around us, whether they work for or with the organisation,  or come into contact with its product or services. And that’s why we work with changemakers to build brands that deliver social justice and create long-term impact.

We are actively anti-racist.

The opposite of “racist” is not “not-racist”.  It is ANTI-RACIST.

We are actively anti-racist in our work and activity. That means we consistently and constantly work to tackle racism in all of its forms. We speak up and speak out whenever and wherever we can – sharing our lived experiences of racism and our learning along the way. We are intersectional in our approach.  And we work with organisations and companies to help them build anti-racism into their brands, too.

We champion equity, inclusion and diversity.

To us these aren’t just buzzwords, but an essential part of how we do things.  We design for equity, we use our power to amplify the voices of marginalised groups, we share our lived experiences,  and constantly work to educate ourselves so that we can be accomplices, working in solidarity to highlight and tackle injustice.

We practice what we preach.

We use our brand framework to drive everything we do.  We lead by example, speaking up and speaking out about the causes we believe in.  We LOVE to collaborate and workshop. We always work in partnership because we think it’s really important that we grow and learn together.  And we use our platform to drive change.

No jargon. No bullsh*t. 

We combine straight-talking, straightforward strategy with practical planning, so that together we’ll build a brilliant brand that drives everything you do. As a brand consultancy, we help you clarify your purpose and embed your values in your everyday activity.   Together we’ll create powerful activities that deliver social justice and drive long-term change.  No jargon or complex strategy models. Instead, we will build a sharp, action-driven brand strategy that leads to greater impact.