Testimonials from our clients

Our clients are why we exist. Here’s what they think of us – in their own words.

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Channel 4

“The session was curated especially for Channel 4, so it was like shining a light on our imperfections in a frank yet loving way and offering a solution to remedy those corporate ills.

What I like most about Brand by Me’s approach is the way in which Collette is able to deliver sometimes harsh home truths, but in a way that is positive, solution based and impossible to disagree with. Her ability to break down the different layers of any situation is literally mind blowing and yet completely flawless. It is fair to say that if you work with Collette and Brand by Me, you are sure to be blown away, inspired and impacted in the most positive way possible. If change is truly on your company’s agenda, then I would highly recommend working with Collette and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.”

Maria St Louis, 4Sales Diversity Taskforce Co-Chair and Chair of C4 Collective, Channel 4


Conciliation Resources

“We’re quite a complex organisation and the sector itself is quite complicated but Brand by Me managed to dive straight in and really get the organisation, which instilled a lot of confidence with colleagues. The process with Brand by Me has been invaluable in showing us how we’re different and the value we add.”

Sarah Bradford, Head of Communications at Conciliation Resources 


RAF Benevolent Fund

I had worked with Brand by Me before in two charities and saw how effective, pragmatic, people-savvy and cost effective you were in delivering all things brand.  We had some answers, but we needed the framework, coaching and workshopping approach you bring and lead so well to get the answers out on the table, ordered and implemented.  You forced the pace when we all know organisations tend to navel gaze sometimes. And that’s why we hit our deadlines. We now have a clear and strong brand that we have confidence in – from Trustees through the senior management team, managers and staff as well as the people we help who all contributed to the review.”

John Trampleasure, Director of Fundraising & Communications, RAF Benevolent Fund.


Thad Cox Branding Studio

“The best thing about Brand By Me’s approach that it is very high energy, very supportive, very fun.  The session flew by – we did 2 sessions and I was looking forward to the first one but I was impatient for the second one.

I could see the progress we were making and it was exactly what I wanted and so was extremely happy.  I love how positive and smiley and upbeat the whole atmosphere was. I really loved it.  Honestly, fantastic!”

Thad Cox, founder, Thad Cox Branding Studio



“A great way of approaching personal brand development with some great outcomes that were visible on the day”

“We don’t spend enough time thinking about ourselves and it was nice to stop and have the time to do this”

Personal Brand Workshop Attendees, Sodexo


Global Girl Project

“As a small, grassroots organization it is so very important that Global Girl Project is able to tell our story in a clear, succinct and inspiring manner and in working with Danielle we have been able to achieve just this!! While working with Danielle I truly felt that she understood the mission and passion behind our work and that she knew exactly how to help us to share that with our supporters around the world! I am so grateful to have been able to be a client of Danielle’s and know that her work will help to catapult us to the next level!”

Julia Lynch, Founder, Global Girl Project


Dotty’s Kitchin

“Dotty’s Kitchin is what it is because of Brand by Me. They worked with me, rather than doing the work for me – which meant I learnt so much more. I now have the confidence and skills to follow the process again if I were to set up another business. Working with Brand by Me was like a breath of fresh air. They are highly skilled and professional yet warm and completely lacking in ego. The process totally surpassed my expectations and delivered to the highest standard.”

Catherine Turner-Perrot, Founder, Dotty’s Kitchin


ABC Life Support

“ABC Life Support is my baby. I’ve worked hard on every aspect of its development over the past eight years but until I used Brand by Me I never really understood its potential.

Thanks to their knowledge and passion, I now know my brand inside out, back to front and top to bottom. I know where it came from and I know the direction that we’re heading and that feeling is priceless. I loved the workshops and the ongoing support that I get is very comforting. I have a brand consultant behind my brand, one who I trust implicitly and who I know has our best interests at heart. This whole experience has been, hands down, the best investment that I’ve put into my business.”

Danielle Bridge, CEO and Founder, ABC Life Support CIC


My Local Economy

“Brand by Me combines a very tailored and customised approach with a very high level of skills and experience in brand strategy and identity. They aren’t afraid to challenge and push when required either – something that’s definitely needed for defining a brand identity and strategy. Fundamentally I’m good to go –with a coherent brand strategy, identity, assets and tools to market my business and communicate with clients. I can do this with a real focus now’

Glenn Athey, Managing Director, My Local Economy


Your People Potential

“Working with you on building our new brand has been a very uplifting experience, and has changed my view on the importance of brand.”

David, Learning and Development Specialist, Your People Potential


Ambitious About Autism

“With tight timescales, we were looking for a highly practical and tailored solution which would bring our brand to life and devise a clear action plan for moving it forward. Brand by Me ensured we remained focussed throughout and maximised every opportunity for stakeholder engagement (internal and external) to inform the development process. They were a pleasure to work with and delivered a strong brand framework for us to take forward as we develop our three year strategy.”

Charlotte Lore, Head of Digital, Media and Marketing, Ambitious about Autism


Private Infrastructure Development Group

“Thanks to your skillful facilitation and lightning-fast synthesis, we not only developed what we needed for the Re-Positioning exercise, but we also gained a greater team awareness of PIDG’s goals, challenges, and opportunities.”

Communications Manager, Private Infrastructure Development Group.


World Animal Protection

“We only have the amazing brand we have today because of Collette’s brilliance and tenacity – her phenomenal strategic brand expertise and her quick thinking, robust rigour, creative skills and huge vision. It is a unique combo and why Brand by Me, stands out in a crowded agency sector.”

Pippa Rodger, International Director of Marketing and Communications, World Animal Protection.


Bright Horizons

Collette was an excellent facilitator and collaborator with a genuine approach. Each session was helpful in deepening my perspective and shaping my brand. As we walked through the purpose, values, propositions and ideal clients I came to know how my brand is going to deliver coherence in how I am in my business. I was able to clarify my thinking. Brand by Me kept the focus on who I am – including challenging me to live my brand in every detail.’

Vikki Coombes, Director, Bright Horizons


Sammi Sparke Photography

You think you know your business, I thought I knew mine, but it wasn’t until I worked with you that I knew with gusto who I was, why what I was doing was important – and, most importantly, why my values were the key to my continued success. Thank you for not only helping me remember my core values but also for making me proud of my business again.’

Sammi Sparke, photographer, Sammi Sparke Photography