Short Sharp Strategy Workshop

This strategy workshop will help you DELIVER positive change for the long term.

Collette delivering strategy workshop

What’s the biggest complaint we’re hearing from leaders who want to drive change?  NOT ENOUGH TIME.

Whether this is time to reflect on what’s working well, plan for the future, or tackle challenges, finding the space for strategy is business critical right now.   But no one has time for a lengthy away day, or another meeting where nothing gets done.

That’s why we’re offering this  75 minute team strategy workshop over Zoom to help you:

  • Reflect on the rapid changes you’ve implemented through Covid-19
  • Review your positive impact (on your customers, community and beyond)
  • Capture what’s worked brilliantly
  • Tackle any challenges
  • And embed what you’ve learned for the future.

Sounds great, I’m ready!

During this time, you’ve likely achieved things you didn’t think were possible, worked in new ways and turned things round quicker than ever before. This strategy workshop will provide you with the opportunity to reflect, capture and take this great work forward to create impact through this crisis and out the other side.

And at Brand by Me we LOVE facilitating workshops.  Especially online.  And we receive great feedback and results, because we are experts at helping leaders and organisations drive social change and positive business impact.   We’ll lead you in a short, sharp, practical and energy-filled strategy process that will:

strategy workshop process

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Brands and organisations will be remembered for their actions over this time and the impact they’ve made.

It’s not enough to reassure people that “We’re Here for You” in communications.  It’s time for brands to step up, leading with empathy, generosity and community to help the people who need them the most.   It’s about embedding the actions and priorities that will truly make a difference to people’s lives.

Are you ready to stop reacting and start steering your brand through this turbulent time?

We can help.  You’re already doing great things to respond to this crisis.  Let us help you create impact for the long term.

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