Strategy Development

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Sun Tzu.

We couldn’t agree more.  That’s why we provide 1 to 1 coaching for leaders and run strategy workshops for teams, helping you create POWERFUL strategy that will deliver your vision, drive practical action and increase your impact. 

Strategy Coaching

We know that it can be challenging to take time out of the busy day-to-day activity to focus on developing your strategy.  It can also be a lonely process – whether it’s because you work alone in your business, or because you are leading a team and are expected to have all of the answers.  This is why we offer 1-to-1 strategy planning and accountability sessions that help you to tackle your key business challenge or harness a specific opportunity through strategy.

“Collette from Brand by Me provided fantastic mentorship as I transitioned into a challenging leadership role at my workplace. With her direction and support, I’ve been able to achieve things I’d never thought possible in the time we’ve worked together. ‘Collette breaks mountains down into manageable steps, and brings a wealth of experience and an infectious confidence that fills you with purpose and energy when the going gets tough.”

Jessica Thompson, Head of Digital, World Animal Protection

Our strategy coaching will help you to:

  • Develop simple strategy frameworks
  • Create buy-in across your organisation
  • Test and learn for those all important quick wins
  • Embed the strategy through practical action planning
  • Manage conflict and competing priorities

How we’ll work together:

  • Collaborative and open process
  • Safe space to share ideas
  • Objective feedback
  • Face to face or online
  • Weekly or fortnightly sessions for total accountability

If you have been tasked with developing a strategy but don’t know where to start and keep putting it off, then get in touch so that we can help!


Strategy Development Workshops

Let us facilitate your next strategy workshop.  We’ll help you to bring the right people together to develop shared goals, set an inspiring vision and identify the clear direction that will take you forward.

How we’ll work together:

  • Initial planning brainstorm to generate ideas for workshop content
  • Bespoke and interactive workshop exercises
  • Fun and energetic sessions that leave everyone buzzing
  • Clear, concise and action-focussed write ups
  • Follow up on next steps to make sure things move forward!


Strategy Mastermind

Our strategy mastermind is a group, peer-to peer strategy development and planning process. You can read more about our public mastermind here.

We also offer bespoke and tailored Strategy Mastermind programmes for organisations that will:

  • Upskill your leaders and managers in strategic thinking and implementation
  • Break down silos and encourage team working
  • Create consistent methods for strategy development across your organisation

To find out more, get in touch!