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We work with ambitious organisations to develop brand strategy that drives social justice. We inspire and equip changemakers through workshops and coaching. And we help organisations put ANTI-RACISM at the heart of their brand.

Our Services

Brand Strategy for Organisationswe help organisations build brand strategy that drives social justice.

Personal Branding – we help people understand how to be their best selves at work and in business

Strategy Development – we facilitate strategy workshops and provide one-to-one strategy coaching

And right now, we’re helping organisations build ANTI-RACISM into the heart of their brands.  Find out more here.

‘We’re quite a complex organisation and the sector itself is quite complicated but Brand by Me managed to dive straight in and really get the organisation, which instilled a lot of confidence with colleagues. The process has been invaluable in showing us how we’re different and the value we add.’

Sarah Bradford, Head of Communications at Conciliation Resources

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Our Process

There are 4 stages to any project we do.  Each phase brings together collaborative working, real-life insights, creative thinking and practical tools, so that you can hit the ground running and embed what we come up with together straight away.

Brand By Me's Process is Audit, Explore, Evaluate, Embed

The brand framework, identity and tone of voice principles that we developed with you were really strong. They really helped us to hone our strengths as an organisation, giving us clarity and helping us define who we are with confidence.  The cross-organisational workshops you facilitated were crucial for getting staff to interrogate who we are and challenging us to be bolder and braver.

Womankind Worldwide

How we work

As a small consultancy business, we know just how important it is for consultancy work to deliver practical, actionable results otherwise it doesn’t stick. That’s why there are 3 principles that define how we work:

Simple and straightforward

No jargon, or complex models – it’s about thinking and tools that work, expressed in a simple and single-minded way.  It’s really key that we don’t create layers of complexity that will get in the way of the clarity you seek – not just for you but for your customers and potential
customers too.


Some of the most valuable insight comes when we look to the outside world AND gather the real views and voices of your staff, stakeholders, customers/clients and partners.  We use this insight to refine and interrogate your brand and offer so that we are confident that this will work for all of your audiences.

Practical action

No brand framework and strategy will ever work if it only exists on paper, or in documents that are saved in a file and never looked at again!  Everything we produce at every stage is designed for immediate implementation.  Many of our clients are so clear on their brand after their first workshop, that it changes the way they talk about their business before we’ve even looked at messaging!