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Learn how to be your best self at work without hiding the parts of you that make you different. Our corporate workshop programme, for both individuals and teams, gives you the skills to define and develop your personal brand.

Here’s Collette, Founder of Brand by Me talking about the power of personal brand and inclusion

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Through our bespoke corporate workshop programme, we work with leaders, teams and changemakers to define and develop personal branding which helps them step up and stand out. 

We believe that the world needs everyone to shine. To be their best and brightest selves. This means helping people capture what they do best so they understand how to reach the audiences and stakeholders that matter. We work with emerging leaders within organisations, especially those from underrepresented groups, who want to build powerful, authentic personal brands to increase their impact and the difference they can make to the world around us – without compromising who they are.

Here’s feedback from one of the attendees at a recent “The Power of Personal Brand” workshop for advertising charity, NABS.

It was informative, insightful and felt like a safe place.  It talked about many of the scenarios that Black people encounter in a work environment to survive (as we rarely get the opportunity to thrive in these environments), eg, code switching, making yourself small to either fit in or appear non-threatening to white colleagues.  It encouraged and provided food for thought on how to bring your best self to work, without compromising who you are, your culture, etc.  The interaction via the chat with the other attendees was particularly helpful as was Collette’s honesty, straightforwardness and sharing her experiences.”


Work with us in a way that suits you!

Here’s what we can deliver for your organisation:

In-person Team Corporate Workshops – engaging and energetic two-hour, half-day or full-day workshops that allow teams to work together to understand the power of personal brand, what it means for individuals and the team as a whole, create shared values together and embed this into their everyday ways of working

Virtual Training Corporate Workshops – allow remote teams to learn about the power of personal branding in a flexible environment, with practical tips and interactive exercises to make sure it sticks!

Hybrid Corporate Workshops – As we move back and forth between office working and working from home, we can advise you on how to run a rewarding and engaging hybrid event

Staff Network Talks and Corporate Workshops – we deliver powerful and inspiring talks on the power of personal brand specifically for minoritised and underrepresented groups at work, focussing on the importance of being authentic and standing out, even if you’ve previously been told to keep your head down and fit in. You can read more about this here 


We run workshops on lots of other topics too! From entrepreneurial thinking to brand strategy and embedding equity, diversity and inclusion into communications, we can create a tailored workshop series for your organisation.  Corporate workshops start from £2500 per hour for bespoke content – including content, facilitation and workshop materials. 


Here is what Sodexo said after their bespoke personal brand workshop:


How we help you define your brand

We’ll work on the key areas of personal brand: purpose, personality, vision and values.

Purpose: Defining your purpose shouldn’t just be left to the philosophers of yesteryear. Your purpose is a brand superpower and you should be using it! We’ll help you to identify your core purpose. What you do can change, and how you do it can evolve, but if you understand why you do what you do and can help others do so as well, they’re much more likely to engage with you, trust you and believe in you. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Personality: A strongly defined brand personality is key if you want to be a thought leader or leader in your field. We will help you to capture and replicate how you do what you do in a way that is uniquely you. We want to help you to delve into who you are on your best day, so you can own and use it!

Vision: We’re often so focused on what we’re doing in the here and now that we rarely think to the future and how it looks. But, by defining your vision we can use it to inspire and set out a direction to a brilliant future that lives up to your purpose!

Values: We all have values that we live by but we’ll get you to define the non-negotiable principles that drive everything you do. By defining these, you’ll have a clear lens that will help you to prioritise how you work, who you work with and to hone your gut instincts around this.

Post-Workshop Follow Up

Following group workshops, we can offer 1-2-1 personal brand coaching sessions for emerging leaders and managers, especially those from minoritised backgrounds, providing a safe space to explore and develop their personal brands and leadership styles. Through coaching, we support and guide them in how to translate their powerful personal brands into authentic leadership. Email us for more details.


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