Building Anti-Racism into your Brand

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Made a #BlackLivesMatter statement on your social media?  Frustrated by the lack of progress in your sector or industry?  Done anti-racism training and not sure where to go next?

The problem

Focusing on diversity and increasing representation alone, does not drive change.  Traditional diversity and inclusion approaches cannot solve racial inequality. (Before you think about doing unconscious bias training, read this.) Internal initiatives take ages to get going and progress (if any) is slow.  And it seems so scary and overwhelming, it’s hard to know where to start.  Sound familiar?

Is there another way?

We think so.  It’s time to build ANTI-RACISM into your brand.  By building anti-racism into who you are and what you stand for, it becomes part of the fabric of how you do things.   It’s not just another project, solely an “HR-thing” or stuck in a diversity niche, it DRIVES your organisational strategy.  In fact it drives everything you do.  You become more inclusive because you listen, not just implement.   You disrupt the “old way” of doing things. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you become a learning organisation.  And that’s how change will happen.

“If you work with Collette and Brand by Me, you are sure to be blown away, inspired and impacted in the most positive way possible. If change is truly on your company’s agenda,  we would highly recommend working with them and can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.”

Maria St. Louis, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, Channel 4

Here’s how we help

Whether you’re an established brand, considering a rebrand or starting from scratch, we can help you build anti-racism into your brand.  Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • Empathetic listeners – we run 1-to-1 and group listening exercises for teams and organisations, so that you can unlock the power of lived experiences and tangible insight that drives action.
  • Expert facilitators – whether online or face to face, our bespoke workshops will leave all attendees inspired, enthused and ready to act.
  • Strategy development – we will work across organisations and within teams, whether you’re starting from scratch or need to integrate existing work, to turn insight and exploration into action and impact.
  • 1-to-1 coaching – we provide 1-to-1 or team coaching to empower and equip leaders drive change and support your staff from minoritised groups.
  • The power of personal brand for the Global Majority – we run tailored personal brand sessions for up and coming leaders from racially minoritised communities and backgrounds (who in fact, make up the majority of people in the world). These sessions promote equity by helping people navigate stereotypes and avoid code-switching so they can show up as their best selves at work.  Find out more about our personal brand work.

Are you ready to build ANTI-RACISM into the heart of your brand?

Right now the world has woken up to the reality of institutional racism (even if some don’t want to face it).  And we believe that brands have a role to play in creating the fair, equitable and just world we all want to see.

We can help you use brand strategy and channels to ensure that anti-racism becomes part of who you are and everything you do.  By building anti-racism into your brand, it will accelerate change, amplify your impact and embed your actions for the long-term.

Great. Let’s talk!

Here’s our process:

brand by me anti racism process


Together we’ll review every part of your brand’s ecosystem. We review your channels, your team, your partners and your processes. We will also help you listen for lived experiences so you’re led by real insight from your audiences.


Once we’re clear on the challenges/opportunities, it’s time to co-create and explore the way forward. Our uplifting, bespoke workshops create safe and brave spaces to develop new ideas.


This is where we turn ideas into action, creating quick wins and driving long-term change as we test, learn, evolve and embed tangible activities for today and the future.


Accountability is everything.  That’s why we’ll work with you to develop clear measures of progress and impact, so you understand what’s working.

The steps aren’t linear and it’s not a “one-size fits all” solution. We always work in partnership and will collaborate with you to find what works.

Sounds great -sign me up!


Here’s how we get results

These principles define our approach.

  • We create open, inclusive and safe spaces so all can contribute fully.
  • We bring people in, not call them out – no judgement, no shade so we can listen and learn together.
  • “BAME” ain’t the same – we love the power of communities coming together but always respect and listen for individual experiences.
  • Safe spaces must be Brave spaces – these conversations will be uncomfortable and that’s ok, because only by challenging the status quo, can we achieve progress.
  • We are actively anti-racist – anti-racism is our mindset, commitment, goal and way of being in everything we do (Credit to this amazing tweet for the definition).

The impact of building anti-racism into your brand

Here are just some of the benefits that organisations experience when they do this type of work (based on our experience of driving social change and positive business impact):

  • Accelerated progress and pace of change – because it is part of who you are and how you do things, not a one-off workshop or project owned by one department
  • Committed leadership, staff, stakeholders and partners – who each understand their role in being anti-racist as part of your organisation
  • Inclusive, collaborative and meaningful communication with everyone who you interact with
  • Reach new audiences with sustainable innovation and more impactful activity
  • Greater loyalty,  connection and advocacy between your audiences and your organisation, as people understand that you share their fundamental values

We believe that brilliant brands can change the world.  Are you ready to join us?

Yes, we’re ready!

Still have questions?  Check out this blog post on how to address the most common barriers to becoming an anti-racist brand, or get in touch.