From purpose to brand for Sammi Sparke Photography

It was like a lightbulb moment and the copy which I had been struggling to write for my new website for months, practically wrote itself. It genuinely felt miraculous and it was like a huge weight had been lifted from me.

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When Sammi Sparke approached us, she was having an identity crisis.  She’d recently relocated to a new city and was struggling to articulate why she stood out.  Her testimonials were glowing and her photography is stunning so we wanted to help.

We worked with her over the course of 3 sessions to capture the essence of her brand, help her communicate this effectively and build it into her marketing strategy.  We helped Sammi to develop a a strong and authentic brand and turn this into powerful personal branding.

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After I booked Brand By Me, I started to worry that I might have wasted my money and that I had already covered the material in other courses and workshops I had done over the years. After the first session not only was I reassured that this wasn’t the case but I was certain that this was utterly unique. It was clear to me what the point of my business was again. My values and the reason why I do what I do in the way I do it was consolidated.
I genuinely felt I could tell anyone concisely how Sammi Sparke Photography was different from, even better than all of the other photography businesses I compete against. I cannot recommend Brand by Me enough. You think you know your business – I thought I knew mine. But it wasn’t until I did this that I knew with gusto who I am and why what I do is important and, most importantly the key to my continued success.

Sammi Sparke Photographer

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