Rebranding case study: My Local Economy

The problem

Athey Consulting approached us with a very clear brief.  To build them a disruptive brand that helped them stand out among all of the other consultants in their market.  As Managing Director, Glenn Athey said:

My branding was unfocused, with several methods and brands operating at once.
I wanted clients that were better matched to what I could offer in the market place.
I provide a lot of value, expertise and experience to clients and wanted a brand which could reflect that.

It was clear to us that this wasn’t just an identity issue.  Athey Consulting had outgrown their existing brand.  They needed a new brand positioning and a strategy that not only reflected their compelling offer but would act as a platform for future growth.

The solution

Step 1 – A new brand strategy

We started with a round of qualitative interviews with past and present clients of the consultancy, so we could understand their biggest strengths and how they stood out in their market.  This gave us great insight.  We built this into a new brand framework for the consultancy, clarifying their purpose, vision and developing their values and personality.  This helped us identify one of the biggest brand challenges.  The name Athey Consulting and their brand identity were no longer fit for purpose.  The name didn’t communicate what they did and the identity didn’t reflect the innovative expertise they offered clients.  They’d outgrown their branding and it was time for a change.

Step 2 – The rebrand

We reviewed design trends and brainstormed ideas to bring to life our client’s new brand personality visually.  Working with our partner, Sanjeb Lolay Design, we used the URL for Athey Consulting’s website, My Local Economy, as the focus.  It became their new name and drove the development of a clean, bold and modern look and feel.  The new logo was inspired by a stamp, a clear signal of place, local area and authority.  And the result was very well received.  As Glenn put it,

a clear, focused brand identity which coherently matched my business offer and aspirations.  The logo and colours work really well, with the fantastic idea of the logo as a ‘stamp’ of quality or approval

Step 3 – Taking it forward

The final step was to create tools and templates.  These would help the newly branded My Local Economy communicate their  purpose and attract higher value clients.  We developed a core set of digital assets for social media and digital outreach as well as simple brand guidelines to drive immediate implementation and future brand activities.

What was the impact of the project for our client?

I’ve applied the brand identity to website, social media activities and materials for a conference. I’ve also started to put out more provocative social media articles to position myself and brand in the marketplace as an authority on my subject that is unafraid to put out challenging and constructive ideas on how to improve professional practice and policy.

Brand by Me combine a very tailored and customised approach with a very high level of skills and experience in brand strategy and identity. They listened to my needs and aren’t afraid to challenge and push when required either – something I think is definitely needed for defining a brand identity and strategy.

Fundamentally I’m good to go – primed and ready with a coherent brand strategy, identity, assets and tools to market my business and communicate with clients. I can do this with a real focus now.

Glenn Athey, Managing Director, My Local Economy