Personal Brand Mastermind

Our 5 Week Programme to Develop Your Personal Brand


Our Mastermind is back but this time with a difference!

We want to give you the opportunity to work on brand YOU.

Are you an ambitious business founder, an aspiring leader or awesome freelancer?

Do you want to discover how your personal brand can propel you forward on your path to success?

Do you need help in narrowing down how to find people, organisations, opportunities and work that align with your values?

Do you want to make your offer crystal clear and call out to the clients, customers, fans, followers and connections you most want to attract?


We are launching a PERSONAL BRAND MASTERMIND. This programme will take you through our process of defining and developing your personal brand!

5 week Mastermind

This 5 week group programme is built around the tried and tested Brand by Me personal brand development process.

Week 1 – We’ll look at your PURPOSE.
Week 2 – Let’s look ahead to the future and define your VISION.
Week 3 – What are your VALUES?
Week 4 – What’s your PERSONALITY?
Week 5 – Finally, let’s put together an action plan and identify how to use your personal brand to propel you forward

Who will I be working with?

You’ll be working alongside our Strategy Manager Danielle!

Danielle’s really passionate about personal brand:

I love seeing people’s reactions when they see how they can bring their best selves out into the world all the time because they now have their strengths in front of them on a page and the tools to utilise them in the best way!

How does it work?

Each week you’ll get an email with the task on Monday morning. Complete the task and send the work back to us and then we’ll do a Zoom call on the Thursday, going through that week’s work and completing an element of the personal brand framework.

Why in a group?

There’s nothing like the accountability of a group to drive progress, but it’s also a great way of building a network of like-minds that can support one another. Working in a group is also proven to help generate brilliant ideas! This is all about working together – so Danielle will be building on her personal brand alongside you!

I need to learn to bring myself out into all aspects of what I do. For example, my LinkedIn page is a grave yard in comparison to the person I really am! Working on my own personal brand and action planning will help me bring my authentic self out into the world!

We have a limited number of spaces: only 6 spaces available for this group Mastermind! So get in there quickly!


At the end of our Personal Brand Mastermind you’ll receive:

  1. A personal brand that is unique to you and captures your strengths (aka superpowers).
  2. A personal brand action plan template
  3. A brand activity plan to commit to
  4. A 6 month check-in with Brand by Me to see how you’re getting on!


Registration is open for a limited time and with a limited number of spaces so join today! The programme starts on Monday 2nd March 2020