Personal Branding

We work with leaders, founders and changemakers to define and develop personal branding that drives change from within.

As Dr Seuss says, personal branding is all about YOU. Capturing what you do at your best and helping you use this to reach the audiences that matter to you the most. We work with leaders who need to build their powerful, authentic personal brand to increase their impact and the difference they can make to the world around us.

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The Process

We’ll work on the key areas of personal brand: purpose, personality, vision & values.

  • Purpose: defining your purpose shouldn’t just be left to the philosophers of yesteryear. Your purpose is a brand superpower and you should be using it! We’ll help you to identify your core purpose. What you do can change, how you do it can evolve, but if you understand why you do what you do and can help others do so as well, they’re much more likely to engage with you, to trust you and to believe in you.  Sounds like a win-win to us!
  • Personality: A strongly defined brand personality is key if you want to be a thought leader, or leader in your field. We will help you to capture and replicate how you do what you do in a way that is uniquely you. We want to help you to delve into who you are on your best day, so you can own and use it!
  • Vision: We’re often so focussed on what we’re doing in the here and now that we rarely think to the future and how it looks. But, by defining your vision we can use it to inspire and set out a direction to a brilliant future that lives up to your purpose!
  • Values: We all have values that we live by but we’ll get you to define the non-negotiable principles that drive everything you do. By defining these, you’ll have a clear lens that will help you to prioritise how you work,  who you work with and to hone your gut instincts around this.

Step-by-step process for our personal brand programmes

Here’s what Thad Cox, Founder of Thad Cox branding studio had to say about working with us on his personal brand:


Personal Branding for Organisations

Work with us in a way that suits you! Here’s what we can deliver for your organisation:

  • 1-to-1 Strategy Coaching – in-depth coaching and mentoring that helps managers and leaders discover their purpose, personality and values, turning unique strengths into authentic leadership.
  • Team Workshops  – engaging and energetic 2-stage workshop series that helps teams work together to harness the power of individual personalities, create shared values and embed this into everyday ways of working.
  • Bespoke Webinars  – allow remote teams to learn about personal branding in a flexible environment, with practical tips and interactive exercises to make sure it sticks!

1-to-1 Intensive Personal Brand Workshop for ambitious leaders

Over a three hour intensive workshop, or 2 90 minute Zoom sesssions, we’ll work on the key areas of personal brand: purpose, personality, vision & values.

By the end of the workshop you’ll have:

  1. A personal brand that is unique to you and captures your strengths (aka superpowers)
  2. A bespoke personal brand implementation approach focusing on how to bring your brand to life for your audience (and make it work for you emotionally and financially!)
  3. A Personal brand action plan to commit to
  4. A 3 month check in with Brand by Me to hold you accountable to your action plan and check progress.