Our Strategy Services

One to one strategy support for ambitious leaders and change makers

We LOVE strategy. You can read more about our approach to strategy here.  Effective strategy creates big wins in business, tackling causes (and life frankly).  It’s how to stay focussed and be accountable to both your vision and purpose.  That’s why we LOVE supporting leaders in setting strategy – for themselves and within organisations. Here’s how we help:


Strategy Mentoring

“Collette from Brand by Me provided fantastic mentorship as I transitioned into a challenging leadership role at my workplace. With her direction and support, I’ve been able to achieve things I’d never thought possible in the time we’ve worked together. ‘Collette breaks mountains down into manageable steps, and brings a wealth of experience and an infectious confidence that fills you with purpose and energy when the going gets tough.”

Jessica Thompson, Head of Digital, World Animal Protection

We know that it can be challenging to take time out of the busy day to day activity to focus on developing your strategy.   It can also be a lonely process – whether it’s because you work alone in your business, or because you are leading a team and are expected to have all of the answers.  That’s why we offer 121 strategy planning and accountability sessions that help you tackle your key business challenge or harness a specific opportunity through strategy.

We can either focus on developing or embedding a strategy (or both!).  We will work together to set goals and objectives and also look at topics such as how to navigate organisational culture, manage upwards or sideways, testing and learning to create quick wins, as well as managing conflict and prioritising strategy when the day to day gets hectic.

This is a collaborative process – we will work alongside you to provide an objective lens, be a cheerleader when the going gets tough and your partner to co-create and share ideas with.

We can do fortnightly or monthly Skype/phone sessions depending on what you want to focus on and your timelines.  We ask for a commitment of a 3 month block so that we can really make progress in our work together.

So if you have been tasked with developing a strategy but don’t know where to start, or know it’s something you need to prioritise but keep putting off, get in touch as we can help.



One-off Strategy Development Workshops

We love facilitating one-off strategy workshops for groups or individuals.  We help you co-create a powerful strategy that brings teams together by setting shared goals, inspiring the team with a strong vision and identifying the clear direction that will take you forward.   We will work with you to plan the workshop, identifying the exercises that will bring out the best of the team and using practical tools to get everyone thinking differently.  We will facilitate a fun and energetic workshop (either a day or half day, depending on the task at hand) that will leave everyone uplifted and ready to move forward with the strategy at hand. We will also follow up afterwards to review the output of the session and help you embed and take it forward as a team.   For more information on how we can help you put together a bespoke strategy workshop, do contact us for a quote.


Strategy Mastermind

Our strategy mastermind is a group, peer-to peer strategy development and planning process. You can read more about our mastermind programme here.  We ran our first ever public strategy mastermind in January 2019 and it was a huge success.  However it’s something we’ve been doing with our clients since we started and we’d be happy to lead a Strategy Mastermind programme within your organisation.  It’s a great way of bringing together and developing leaders and managers in strategic thinking and implementation and it’s also a great way to break down silos and encourage team working.  For more details about how we can craft and run a bespoke mastermind programme for your organisation, do get in touch!