Our Brand

Every great brand starts with a super clear brand framework.  Your brand framework captures the essence of your brand and defines who you are, what you stand for and how you do it in your own distinctive way.  And it’s this brand framework that will then shape your brand strategy and drive how you show up in the world.

We develop powerful brand frameworks for all of our clients to capture and articulate their purpose, personality vision and values in a way that holds them accountable to delivering what they say they will.  We also make sure that social justice, equity, sustainability and responsibility are built into the brand – not as buzzwords, but in a way that is specific to the organisation so that it becomes real.

Our brand drives everything we do and we live by its principles.  So here is our brand framework, so that you understand a bit more about us and see how it works in practice and be confident that we practice what we preach.


Our brand framework

Our purpose

Our purpose is why we exist

We unlock the power of brands to drive social justice, tackle inequity and create positive impact.

Our values

Our values are how we work

We are fuelled by purpose because we believe that all brands have a responsibility to the world around us.

We create lasting impact – so that our work leaves a practical and sustainable legacy

We root everything in strategy – to make a tangible and lasting difference (and actually do good, not just stuff that looks good).

We lead by example – so that we inspire those around us as we practice what we preach

Our personality

Our personality is what makes us what who we are

We are straightforward (no fluff, no jargon)

We are vibrant (with energy that lights up the room)

We do it with an infectious smile (we love to laugh, we love what we do and it’s catching)

Our vision

Our vision is to build brands that deliver long-term, sustainable, social impact and create a better, fairer world for everyone.