Introducing Our Team

Meet the talented team behind Brand By Me.


Managing Director and Founder

Collette is our MD, lead strategist and the boss (as her Nana says). She is hugely passionate (and vocal) about the importance and role of brands in driving social justice, equity and positive impact. With well over 20 years of experience building a breadth of brands and running brand and digital teams for large organisations, she leads and facilitates our team of experts in putting social justice at the heart of your brand. Find out more about Collette here


Creative Administrator

Leah is responsible for all things admin and organisation at Brand by Me. She makes sure that our wheels keep turning behind the scenes. She is a natural multi-tasker, hugely creative and loves the variety and breadth of what we do for our clients on a day-to-day basis.

Introducing our partners

Brand by Me is powered by a collective of creative collaborators, designers and strategists who believe in the power of brand to drive change and who bring a wealth of different lived experiences and professional expertise to our projects. 


Sulaiman is an incredible consultant and our disability justice lead. As a disabled creative and strategist, Sulaiman has helped us (and our clients) understand and embed disability justice – not as a luxury or nice to have but as a necessity and fundamental part of any brand.  His innate sense of solidarity and desire for justice drives an uncompromising focus on equity and intersectionality in our work together.  


Ettie is an inclusive and accessible communication specialist, with extensive experience designing anti-oppressive and accessible communication strategies, and teaching people to understand and use inclusive and accessible communication in everyday life. Ettie is our guidelines whiz – helping our clients embed the power of equitable, inclusive and anti-oppressive through principles and language.


Almaz is an award-winning creative copywriter. We LOVE the way that she incorporates anti-racism, equity and inclusion into her work. She is amazing at bringing our clients’ brands to life in words in a patient, focussed and collaborative way (because sometimes people just don’t have the words to express their impact and purpose right away).  Almaz is also our Content Lead, creating powerful content for us that helps the world understand how we help organisations and brands.


Thad is our brilliant big brand designer and creative director. His advertising background has given him the ability to create powerful identities that can compete with big, established brands from the get-go. He specialises in building brands for fast-growing start ups and scale ups and we love working with him on clients who need to punch above their weight and compete with the big players.


Clare is our go-to expert for brand identity implementation. She loves working with new and existing identities to bring out the best in the branding and translate it into an experience that can stretch across diverse media – from POS, to signage, to guidelines to branded swag. She has a wealth of experience in event branding, so we love working with her on brands that are lived through immersive and engaging physical experiences.


Alex is our small business superstar. She creates hard working, engaging identities that bring to life the personalities and uniqueness of our ambitious small business clients. She understands the nature of local small business and we love to collaborate with her on our clients.


Sanj is our digital design guru. As a UX designer, she specialises in digital first brand and design and she has tons of experience in the premium and luxury brand space. We love working with her to create bold and distinctive identities that will drive the entire online experience for a brand.

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