Here’s how we helped Womankind Worldwide find their bold, feminist voice

A new brand strategy for the global woman's rights organisation

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When Womankind approached us, they knew they needed to revamp their brand, refocussing and reinvigorating their strategy to capture who they are – an experienced, progressive women’s rights organisation working in solidarity and equal partnership with global women’s movements to transform the lives of all women and girls.

The problem

Globally, the feminist movement is still so needed, despite the years of struggle.  Advances in women’s rights, hard won in recent decades, are at threat from financial crisis, political turmoil, rising fundamentalisms and backlash against feminism.  Rhetoric about empowering women may have become mainstream, but the power dynamics that drive inequality remain in full force.
Womankind were struggling to communicate who they were and what they stand for, which affected their ability to drive change.

Our solution

A full brand audit and stakeholder interviews, showed the organisation how they were viewed by the outside world.  We used this insight in a series of workshops to co-create a new brand framework, with a bold personality, clear purpose and strong set of values to embed who Womankind are into everything they do.  We then worked with teams across the organisation in a series of action-focussed planning workshops, to explore what the new brand meant for day to day activity and long range planning. This made sure everyone was fully engaged, inspired and equipped to live up to the promise of the bold new brand.   Finally we worked with the Brand team to develop a brand launch and rollout plan, developing visual principles that were then evolved into a new identity and website.

The impact

Here’s what Womankind had to say about the impact of our work together:


The brand framework, identity and tone of voice principles that we developed with you were really strong. They really helped us to hone our strengths as an organisation, giving us clarity and helping us define who we are with confidence. A big part of the project was to get our messaging aligned internally as an organisation and to really make sure our comms caught up with the work we have already been doing.  The cross-organisational workshops you facilitated were crucial for getting staff to interrogate who we are and challenging us to be bolder and braver.

Internally we have been living by the brand framework and have already seen colleagues come on a journey in the way things are communicated. The response and quick implementation of the framework has proved just how right this piece of work was.

The framework has also set us in good stead for the current environment we find ourselves in with COVID-19 impacting women’s rights, the resurgence of Black Lives Matter and antiracism conversations being sparked in the sector.

We are really excited to continue to develop and push the brand!


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