How We Took a Deep dive into Spicer and Co’s Brand

A Brand MOT for Spicer and Co

Spicer and Co are a local accountants firm based in Bedfordshire. They pride themselves on the tailored service and business support they provide their clients and the work they do in the local community. They attended a Brand by Me workshop and realised they needed to review their brand as a result.


After 3 years of constant growth, Spicer and Co felt that their brand didn’t reflect who they are today.  Their marketing was in need of a refresh so they were looking for practical insights into their brand to help them continue to do what they do best as they scale and grow.


A Small Business Brand MOT for Spicer and Co – a comprehensive audit of their business through the lens of the brand. This analysed everything from their feedback forms to their social media, their logo and printed leaflets to the website.  A comprehensive report and follow up presentation showed them how they were delivering their brand on a day to day basis.  We then made clear and concrete recommendations on opportunities, strengths and areas to address in order to achieve their 5 year strategy.

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The impact

The Brand MOT left Spicer and Co with a clear way forward and a to do list to evolve their brand.  This helped them to better communicate who they are as a business.  We were also able to refer them to an excellent designer to bring the brand to life through a core set of marketing materials and an office branding refresh.

“Absolutely loved every minute of working with Collette. Her passion for all things “brand” related is so infectious! I highly recommend Brand by Me and look forward working with Collette in the future.”

What about a few months on?

Spicer and Co asked for a follow up review of brand materials to ensure that the newly developed materials reflected and brought to life the new brand successfully.  We were able to give comprehensive feedback on the work in progress materials and make practical suggestions to improve the effectiveness of marketing materials.  This will help them continue to grow their business and attract clients who need the personal and tailored business support that Spicer and Co offers.

“You were spot on as usual. Thank you for your input – it’s been invaluable!”

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