Here’s How We Helped Bring To Life The Powerful Sisterhood That PRECIOUS Represents.

Here's how we helped the network and awards brand gain the clarity and visibility to be an authentic, voice and platform for women of colour all year round.


The Problem

PRECIOUS has been going for 20 years and was the first of platform of its kind. However as time went on more and more organisations with a similar offering began to come up. PRECIOUS had a clear and ambitious vision for the brand, but this wasn’t necessarily explicit or consistent across all of their channels, meaning that PRECIOUS wasn’t having the reach it should. Without doing this brand refresh there was a good chance that PRECIOUS would carry on ticking over without utilising it’s full potential.


The Solution

Step 1. Audit

INSIGHT-LED – PRECIOUS was a unique case as it had several different platforms and services all of which served different audiences. So in order to understand the brand and all of its complexities we had to carry out a full audit of their existing brand.

This entailed a competitor analysis, stakeholder interviews, a survey sent to members and award winners, and an in depth view of their current brand positioning. In doing this we were not only able to map out the beginnings of a strategy but we learnt just how deep the love for PRECIOUS and its founder was.

Step 2. Explore

WORKSHOP WORKSHOP WORKSHOP. We love workshopping. It’s fun, collaborative and at the end, pulls out fantastic and usable ideas. And it wasn’t any different with PRECIOUS when we ran a series of interactive workshops. The workshops were split into looking at:

  • Creating a high impact purpose lead strategy which refined the brand’s purpose, personality, vision & values
  • A brand positioning workshop
  • And an identity review – making sure that PRECIOUS’ look, feel and key messaging showed PRECIOUS to be the brilliant brand that it is!

Step 3. Action

PUTTING EVERYTHING INTO ACTION. So we worked together to create an amazing brand framework for PRECIOUS, worked on their offering and help update their look and feel. But that was not the end. We never just give our clients the tools without arming them with an action plan on how to use them. Together with PRECIOUS we created an action plan which detailed easy wins to immediately implement, a timeline of next steps and a three month plan to really get the new brand running.

“It’s given the brand a new clarity, fresh perspective and a clear definition of our purpose.

– Foluke Akinlose, Founder of PRECIOUS





“I really needed an expert for this work, someone who would understand how to work with a micro business with purpose. Collette and her team were just that…

It was fun and challenging. I half expected the workshops to be someone talking at me for a few hours, it was nothing like that, it was about working together. The in-depth notes at the end of each session were great at reminding me what actions I needed to take…Having been around for nearly two decades we were having a what’s next? moment”

-Foluke Akinlose, Founder of PRECIOUS

And whatever’s next for PRECIOUS, we are confident that they have a brand that will capture and bring to life the powerful sisterhood that this network represents!

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