Here’s How We Helped Conciliation Resources Capture Their USP and Refine Their Position Within the Peace Building Sector


We were struggling to build our brand based on our unique strengths and demonstrate differentiation from others operating in our field. We hoped that Brand by Me would be able to help us understand our uniqueness and refine our position in the sector – coming up with a framework and messaging that went beyond generic descriptions and really spoke to who we are as an organisation.”

– Sarah Bradford, Head of Communications


We needed to understand the sector and the charity as a whole so we conducted interviews with external high profile government individuals and peace building specialists & ran a staff survey to understand internal brand perceptions.

What we learned:

Their role in the world is clear to staff and stakeholders alike. And not only is this needed, but their specific approach to peace-building is valued, welcomed and respected. However even for staff and people directly connected to their work, it was not easy to articulate  how they were different or why they were needed.

This was limiting their impact beyond the specific niche they operate in


It was key to create practical tools to help staff the organisation (and partners and stakeholders)  articulate the brand much more clearly across all channels and communication.

We brought together key staff in interactive workshops to co-create and develop messaging and then worked with one of our AWESOME brand writers to create powerful, simple and engaging words that described who Conciliation Resources is, how they work and what they do.  We called it the “Brand Bible” and it’s now used as the basis for all communications.



Helping an organisation capture their USP is just one of the benefits of our brand strategy development process. And  this case study shows how exciting that can be!

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