How We Helped Channel 4 Equip Employees To Bring Their Best Selves To Work


Channel 4 recently asked Brand by Me to run a personal brand workshop. But this was no ordinary workshop. It took place one month after the death of George Floyd, as Black Lives Matter protests woke the world up to racism.  It was an opportunity to equip staff across the organisation to unlock the true power of personal brand – in tackling stereotypes, uplifting underrepresented talent, building allyship and encouraging inclusion. Here’s what Channel 4 had to say about our work together:

Why did you approach Brand by Me for this work?

“We approached Brand by Me in 2019, after reading about Collette we knew that she was someone that we wanted to form a long-term working partnership with, as the work that she does, through Brand by Me is amazing and every brand should be investing in this type of conscious analysis for better engagement and ultimately success.”


What are you hoping to achieve as a result of this work?

“We are hoping to have an open, honest, and bold conversation about the things that Channel 4 can do in order to ensure that all employees are able to bring their Best Self to work each and every day and why that is so important for all businesses alike. It has long been said that conversations about race are uncomfortable to have, but we have always held the view that it is important to push through the discomfort and now more than any time in recorded history it feels like everyone is waking up to this fact and ready to engage in the conversation.”


What worked particularly well for the organisation?

“The session was curated especially for Channel 4, so it was like shining a light on our imperfections in a frank yet loving way and offering a solution to remedy those corporate ills. We firmly believe that there is a solution to remedy any issue and being honest is always the best first step to take. It was extremely important for Senior Leaders to be present, as often that is what is missing as you find yourself preaching to the choir or converted. Ensuring that every level within Channel 4 was represented and ensuring that psychological safety was instilled, and worked really well for our session.”


What did you like most about Brand by Me’s approach?

“What we like most about Brand by Me’s approach is the way in which Collette is able to deliver sometimes harsh home truths, but in a way that is positive, solution-based and impossible to disagree with. Her ability to breakdown the different layers of any situation is literally mind-blowing and yet completely flawless. It is fair to say that if you work with Collette and Brand by Me, you are sure to be blown away, inspired and impacted in the most positive way possible. If change is truly on your company’s agenda, then we would highly recommend working with Collette and can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.”


Have you got any other feedback for Brand by Me about our work together?

“Thank you so much for the detailed and thought-provoking session that you did for us at Channel 4. It was truly amazing (just as we knew it would be.) Everyone that attended has been singing the praises of Collette and Brand by Me ever since and that really is a testament to the great work done. We look forward to working with you both again very soon.”


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