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As Dr Seuss says, personal branding is all about YOU. Capturing what you do at your best and helping you use this to reach the audiences that matter to you the most. We work with senior leaders, freelancers, solopreneurs, sole traders – anyone who needs to build their powerful, authentic personal brand to increase their impact and the difference they can make to the world around us.



Join our BRAND NEW personal brand mastermind! We want to give you the opportunity to work on brand YOU. Our 5 week course designed to develop your personal brand and unlock your potential



Here’s what Thad Cox, Founder of Thad Cox branding studio had to say about working with us on his personal brand:

1-2-1 Intensive personal brand workshop

Over a three hour intensive workshop we’ll work on the key areas of personal brand: purpose, personality, vision & values.

Purpose: defining your purpose shouldn’t just be left to the philosophers of yesteryear. Your purpose is a brand superpower and you should be using it! This workshop will not only help you to identify your core purpose, it will help you to live up to it, which in turn will make your business stronger. What you do can change, how you do it can evolve but if you understand why you do what you do and can help others do so as well, they’re much more likely to engage with you, to trust you and to believe in you.  Sounds like a win-win to us!

Personality: A strongly defined brand personality is key if you want to be a thought leader, or leader in your field. The workshop will help you to capture and replicate how you do what you do in a way that is uniquely you. We want to help you to delve into who you are on your best day, so you can own and use it!

Vision: We’re often so focussed on what we’re doing in the here and now that we rarely think to the future and how it looks. But by defining your vision we can use it to inspire and set out a direction to a brilliant future that lives up to your purpose!

Values: We all have values that we live by (be kind to others, be more like Beyoncé etc.)  but this session gets you to define what the non-negotiable principles you stand for are. By defining these, you’ll have a clear lens that will help you to prioritise how you work,  who you work with and to hone your gut instincts around this.


By the end of the workshop you’ll have:

  1. A personal brand that is unique to you and captures your strengths (aka superpowers)
  2. A Personal brand action plan to commit to
  3. A channel plan
  4. A 6 month check in with Brand by Me to see how you’re getting on!




Each session was helpful in deepening my perspective and shaping my brand.  As we walked through the purpose, values, propositions and ideal clients, I was able to clarify my thinking.  I cherished the huge value you added to me and my business through sharing your knowledge and expertise in developing my brand.

Vikki Coombes, Director, Bright Horizons

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Personal brand programmes for organisations

We love running bespoke workshops, webinars and full programmes of change within organisations, helping  employees discover the power of their personal brands.  Our interactive and engaging sessions take attendees through the importance of personal brand within the workplace and provide practical tools and techniques for defining and living an authentic personal brand, no matter who you are or what you do.   Our programmes of change combine workshops, 1 to 1 accountability sessions and online study and reflection.   So if you’re interested in helping your employees build powerful personal brands that help them thrive within the workplace, then do get in touch.  Clients include Action for Children, Xerox, Funny Women (Natwest, AirBnb, Canada Life) and Charity Comms.



This is not just personal branding.  This is your personal brand.

It starts with your purpose.  By defining what you stand for and what you’re in the world to do, it helps you focus on the awesome things that you do best.

And you don’t have to leave it to chance, or circumstance.  We can help you define your purpose, and build your personal brand in a strategic and tangible way, that captures your most authentic , brilliant and unique self.

And once we’ve  done this, it will shape how you appear to the world.

It will make your offer crystal clear and call out to the clients, customers, fans, followers and connections you most want to attract.