Hello I’m Collette and I’m founder of Brand by Me

I started Brand by Me, in 2015 to help ambitious social change organisations build brilliant brand strategy.  I know that the power and ambition of changemakers is not always matched by deep pockets, but equally, I believe that in order to succeed we must invest in the stuff that makes a difference.  So I wanted to provide a service, a consultancy that allows changemakers to invest in strategic thinking that will directly tackle social justice.  And that’s exactly what we do at Brand by Me.

I am a changemaker.  I am fuelled by my lived experience as a black woman and my passion for social justice.  Throughout my life and career, I have faced discrimination due to my race and gender and I will not tolerate or accept it.  Not just for myself – I know I have a responsibility to be a role model, champion others and speak out against the stereotypes.  The world is burning and it’s down to all of us to do our utmost to drive change.  I believe that every action matters and we can ALL make a difference – and through speaking and coaching, I inspire leaders to be changemakers at work.  

I have worked with, on and for brands for over 20 years.  Brands like Starburst sweets, Always Ultra, Clearasil, Veet, Barnardo’s T-Mobile and EE. I have worked at some of the world’s biggest ad agencies and led brand and digital teams within organisations tackling some of society’s biggest issues.  It’s this breadth and depth of experience that makes me a brilliant brand strategist (not bragging, just saying it how it is!). And I LOVE how brands can connect people to the most abstract and difficult of concepts AND make people feel really strongly about stuff they didn’t know they should care about before.

I built Brand by Me as a collective of collaborators and strategists who believe in the power of brand to drive change, who bring their individual lived experiences and professional expertise AND who are passionate about tackling injustice.  If you’d like to join us, email us.

I love speaking at events, especially about the power of brand for social justice- book me today!