About Collette, Founder of Brand By Me

I love being a brand strategist.  Here’s my story

I started life in advertising, working at big London agencies such as Grey, Leo Burnett and Euro RSCG on household names such as Starburst, McDonald’s, Always and Clearasil.  Working on these brands, gave me a real insight into the power that a brand can have and I really wanted to use this power to make a difference in the world.

From commercials to a cause

So I left advertising behind and joined Barnardo’s, one of the UK’s biggest children’s charities to build a brand behind the name and develop the organisation’s hard-hitting and effective brand campaigns.  I saw first-hand how raising awareness of the plight of the country’s most vulnerable children helped change lives.  That’s when I knew I wanted to use the power of brand to drive social change.

Social change to telco

To gain a bit more commercial experience, I then joined Everything Everywhere as a brand strategist.  I was part of the core team who developed and launched EE, the UK’s first 4G mobile phone network.  I loved the thrill and challenge of building a brand from scratch and seeing the impact of the brand as it transformed people’s digital lives.

Charity rebrand to Brand by Me

But I still wanted to help brands drive social change.  So when I was asked to join a little known animal charity called WSPA to transform them into a global brand, I jumped at the chance.  I rebranded the organisation as World Animal Protection and helped build a strategy that would change the lives of billions of animals.

And that led me to start Brand by Me. Helping leaders build brands that drive social change and positive impact.  And that’s EXACTLY what we do today.

So if you’re looking to change direction, drive positive change or transform your impact, get in touch.

Want to find out more? Do get in touch!