Essentials of brand strategy workshop

Brand 101 - an introduction to brand strategy for your business

“Very informative, fun and practical. Collette is a passionate speaker offering tips and insights based on her many years experience”

Workshop attendee, July 2016

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A brand workshop with a difference

There is a lot of information out there about brands,  branding and why it matters to businesses. That’s because building a strong brand will help you stand out, reach your target audiences more effectively and transform your business.  But it can be difficult to see how this applies if you’re not a household name with a huge marketing budget. Or if the advice focuses on appearance and tactics rather than helping you develop a brand that captures who you are, what you stand for and how you deliver it in the simplest way possible.

This brand workshop is different.  It will help attendees understand what a brand is, why it matters to your business and how to develop a brand strategy.  During the workshop, we will work on your brand and offer simple, practical tips on defining and building a strong brand.  Content will be tailored to your business needs and challenges, so attendees will encouraged to work as a team on your brand throughout the session..

And, by the end of this fun and interactive brand workshop, you will all come away with a much better understanding of how to make your brand work for your business.

This interactive and fun workshop is ideal for any business and a great training opportunity for marketing managers, sales teams, creative teams or anyone who works with your brand on a daily basis.

Examples of what this workshop can cover:

  • What is your brand and why does it matter?
  • Elements of a good brand strategy
  • Developing a brand positioning
  • How to build your brand

The workshop will be run by Collette Philip, owner of Brand by Me, a trained workshop facilitator, who is really passionate about building brands for business impact.

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