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Who do we work with?

You’re an organisation that works in or around social justice with an idea of where you are today and an exciting vision for where you want to go, but something about the “how to get there” has stopped you in your tracks. You’re struggling to build the momentum and this could be for one of a few reasons:

  •       You’ve never quite been crystal clear on what you stand for and found yourself in a place of reactivity rather than innovation.
  •       You’ve had to make huge changes in direction of business due to needing to adapt to global issues (i.e. A pandemic, anyone?)
  •       You’re finding it challenging to effectively communicate what you do, and the impact you want to have…which means you’re struggling to make an impact full stop.

Sound familiar?  We can help.

Why us?

You may have an ambitious vision but the way you’re currently doing things just isn’t delivering the results you want.

As you go about fighting the small fires in your organisation and reacting in an ad-hoc way to the issues around you, the larger fires burn even brighter and the gap between your organisation and your vision of long-term change gets even wider.

You and your team are fully committed to your cause and you want to drive change but you can’t do this from within.  You need an “outside eye” with specific, tangible experience, expertise and insight to help you and your organisation fully understand the complexities of building social justice into your brand. You want to put the work in, but until there’s a clear strategy in place, you can’t get started. 

This isn’t about “doing good things” in the general sense, or a vague corporate social responsibility initiative – this is about building social justice into every aspect of your brand so that you will create sustainable impact, now and for years to come.  

The buzz word for business right now is “purpose”, and whilst many organisations understand the importance of having a “purpose”, few are willing (or able) to ask the difficult questions and create dialogue both internally and externally that results in direct impact on the toughest issues that our society is facing.

This isn’t an exercise for the faint-hearted. If you’re looking for someone to confirm you’ve attended the conference, create nice but empty statements or tick the right boxes, we’re not the consultancy for you. 

If, on the other hand, you recognise that there’s a big leap your organisation needs to make to become a champion for social justice and you’re willing to have a small yet energetic, direct, knowledgeable team of specialists to guide you, Brand By Me might be just the kind of help you’ve been looking for. Here’s how we do it:

How does it work

brand by me anti racism process

How much does it cost?

It depends on what you’re looking for!  However as a guide, it ranges from £8-24K+ depending on the size of your organisation and the complexity of the challenge!

What’s the next step?

Ready to begin tackling social injustice? Great, so are we. Let’s arrange a chat to figure out the best way to get you started.