Rest is Equally As Important As Working Hard

Rest is Equally As Important As Working Hard

We might not be the largest of agencies, but we come with HUGE ambitions and BIG plans for 2020. That’s why we have just returned from our extended Christmas break from the 24th December to 13th January. And. It. Was. BRILLIANT. Our founder went on her Honeymoon and got some winter sun (so very jealous) and the rest of the team took time out for some much-needed rest, recuperation and mulled wine.

And here we are. Back, with renewed energy, a fresh perspective and ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD.

Our peer’s reaction to our extended break has been interesting, mostly jealousy, but interesting. Having this extended break has been received as a completely alien concept. We live in such a fast-paced world that taking a step back makes you feel bad. Ever stopped to take a break and instantly felt riddled with guilt or anxiety? Or as soon as you go on holiday you’re hit with a cold? These things have become common place but I am here to tell you that this should not be the norm!

You only have to go on social media to see people bragging about working 20 hour days. Quoting “I’ll rest when I’m dead” or publishing stories about their ‘daily grind’. This culture to be constantly working (or at least perceived to be), always being on the go, building, grinding, hustling, is exhausting and toxic. Burn out is real. Really, really, real.

I’m not suggesting that everyone should down tools and run off into the sunset forevermore, but take a break damn it! If your mind is always filled with what you have to do next, and by when, how many emails you need to send, how many you need to respond to then where’s the space for you? Creativity? Genius ideas? Hobbies?

It’s difficult to drown out the noise and step away from the pressure of always having to be on, but we have some handy tips that might just help you to slow down!


Tip 1: You have lunch breaks…use them.

This isn’t ground breaking stuff I know, but stepping away from your desk and away from your computer at lunch time is incredibly important. Go for a walk, go shopping or read a book. Whatever you do just stop working. No emails. No afternoon to-do-lists. None of that. None. Nothing.

Tip 2: Schedule in dedicated time for relaxing.

And no I don’t mean bedtime. I mean dedicated time to relaxing and clearing your mind. Try yoga, reading or having a bath. Whatever it is add it to your to-do-list. Put it in your calendar. Do whatever you have to, just make sure you carve out some time for relaxation. And stick to it. If possible, book this in for the same time each week or even each day. This way it becomes a habit and let people around you know that you cannot be disturbed during this time.

Tip 3: Stick to working a set amount of hours.

This is so important, especially for those who are self- employed/ freelancing/ running your own business. Of course, some days you will have to work longer and sometimes it’s easy to get carried away and work around the clock, but it’s just not sustainable. A good tip is to have public facing office hours and stick to them. You’re making a rod for your own back if people get used to you responding to their emails/requests at all hours of the day.

Tip 4: At the end of the day write down a list of things that you’re grateful for or have achieved.

No matter how great or small the achievements are– write them down! Ending the day thinking about all the good things that you have achieved means that when it comes to unwinding, your mind is less likely to think of ‘how much you have to do’, or ‘what you haven’t achieved’. Give yourself a daily pat on the back. Celebrating the small steps on the way the to the big things is important!


And finally my parting note is this:

How do you expect to dream big if you never give yourself time to dream? *mic drop*