How to use your brand to drive positive change

How to use your brand to drive positive change

This post is inspired by a recent talk I did for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons


Driving positive change has always been important to me. When I was 6, I wanted to be Prime Minister. I left a career in advertising to join Barnardo’s, the children’s charity. I set up Brand by Me with the clear aim of building brands that drive social purpose.


This is more than my personal mission. According to a study by global brand agency, Wolff Olins, the majority of people 

“want fundamental change, and they want businesses to drive it ‐ ahead of governments, charities and activists”.


This article explains more. Brands are now expected to drive positive change as part of the way they do business. And we, as individuals have a role to play. If you want to see the power of one person in driving change, look no further than Gina Miller. Regardless of politics, she is a great example of a passionate individual making a massive difference


Whether you’re a company or individual, how can you use your brand to drive positive change? Here’s our approach:


  • Start with your purpose

When we help organisations articulate their purpose, we ask 2 key questions: ‘What makes you special? And why does the world need what you do?’. Answering these questions will help you understand your strengths and how you can use them to drive change. 


  • Identify the change you want to see

This is key. Be specific and visionary. If you want to see an end to global warming, that’s great! But what does this look like, what is the shift needed and what’s your role within this? By being clear on what positive change looks like, it’s more likely you can work to achieve it. 


  • Understand who needs it and who can help

Who will benefit from this change? What do they need from you? Who else do you know who can help? Reach out, connect people to each other and offer support. It’s amazing the difference a community of like-minds can make in driving change.


  • Take action

Seriously. Do it now. Once you understand why the world needs you, take direct and immediate action to achieve the change you want to see. Big or small, it all counts. Share your story. Reach out to someone working on the same issue. Make a public commitment to change your behaviour. Call for change. Whatever you do, do SOMETHING. And start now.


There you go. The Brand by Me guide to driving positive change. As my favourite Lego Batman quote says:




If you want to use your brand to drive positive change, then book in a free intro call as we can help!