Reclaiming Your Too Much And Making It Your Super Power Through Personal Brand

Reclaiming Your Too Much And Making It Your Super Power Through Personal Brand

I’m super proud that Collette and I were one of the 100 amazing womxn and non-binary people who were part of a project called ‘Too Much of a Person’. ‘Too Much of a Person’ chronicles the experiences of self-identifying women and non-binary people being told they were “too much” of something (nice, loud, sensitive, aggressive etc.) to dismiss or conform them to the current perception of how a woman should be.

One of the most powerful points I took away from this project is how your “too much” could become your superpower and the ways in which ‘Too Much of a Person’ sought to help us to reclaim our too much-ness. It got me thinking about tools in which we could use our “too much” to take on the world. Then it hit me. I knew of a way that a “too much-ness” could be reclaimed and it’s something we do best here…personal brand!!

Having a strong personal brand that is purpose-led and authentically you means that when you’ve been called “too much” you understand that you may be too much for that one individual, but not for the entire world. The world needs to know who you are, what you stand for and all of the power in your too-muchness.

A perfect example of this, can be seen in Collette’s (Brand By Me’s founder) personal brand and through Brand By Me’s personality. Collette has taken her prescribed too much-ness, turned it around, utilised them as her strengths and woven them throughout the brand personality.

“I was called too direct and now one of my brand personality traits is straightforward because now it’s a massive strength. In a field where there is a lot of waffle and a lot of jargon, the fact that I am straightforward and upfront with people is a massive strength”

Your personal brand is all about being your most authentic self, owning who you are, knowing your purpose and just embracing you in all your glory!


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