Being a BAME Babe in The Creative Industry – Empowering Learnings from the Women of Colour Smashing It in Their Creative Fields.

Being a BAME Babe in The Creative Industry –  Empowering Learnings from the Women of Colour Smashing It in Their Creative Fields.

On Tuesday I attended an awesome event, BAME BABES TALKS. BAME BABES TALKS is an event to hear first-hand from amazing BAME women working in the creative industries, a space to meet like-minded creatives and for WOC to feel empowered.

The four speakers were Susie Peng – Fashion and Social Media Entrepreneur, Fumi Gomez – Film and Theatre Director, Nicole Crentisil – director of Black Girl Fest, and Dowa Doneye – Social Entrepreneur. See? All totally awesome Women of Colour!

I found their journeys and stories incredibly inspiring and wanted to share my favourite pieces of wisdom, that I gained from each speaker


Susie Peng

“Collaboration is key. Both of us win”

These were wise words from Susie.  She says it’s important to collaborate and work with anyone you know that represents your brand – whether it be friends, people from social media, etc.


“Longevity is more important than social media numbers. Social media is important but the product is key”

Today everyone is on social media so it’s of course hugely important but never forget that your product is what’s most important. Focus on displaying your product in the best way and not necessarily what will get you the most likes.


Nicole Crentsil

“Understand your capabilities”

We tend to doubt ourselves and forget the many skills and abilities we acquire throughout our lives. So to combat the self-doubt Nicole suggest writing down all the things that you are and that you do and look back on it to remind yourself.


“Understanding your transferable skills is key”

Nicole shared with us how her experience in retail actually set her up with some knowledge in e-commerce that she didn’t realise she had. It’s important to look at the skills you have already acquired and see how they can help you flourish in future opportunities.


Dowa Doneye

“Write down your goals”

Dowa suggests that you write down your goals and check back on what you’ve written to make sure that you’re still on track. This works on both personal and professional goals. Setting clear intentions for what you want to achieve helps guide how you work and what opportunities you decide to capitalise on or create.  


“Be flexible”

Things change. Plans change. Deadlines move. It’s important to be flexible and be prepared to move on or change direction when something doesn’t work out.


Fumi Gomez

“Dream jobs exist…..kind of”

Thinking that there’s the perfect dream job out there for you sets you up for failure. A better mindset would be to think that you are lucky to do what you love but expect that it won’t always be sunshine and roses. Just as in life there will always be good days and bad days.


“It’s your job to let people know that you’re relevant & that your voice counts”

And finally people don’t care. And I don’t mean that in a woe is me way. What I mean is that people won’t care what you do unless you make them care. Show the world your brand/product. Keep on creating, keep on putting out your content, be persistent.

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