What Winning Means to Brand by Me

What Winning Means to Brand by Me
A couple of weeks ago we received a lovely email. We’d been nominated for a Precious award, for Creative Business of the Year 2018. And for us, this is a WIN. The Precious awards were specifically created to celebrate the achievements of women of colour in the workplace. A place where we frequently feel overlooked, underappreciated and forgotten. Having a platform that celebrates the success of women of colour across all walks of life is so important and that’s what Precious is all about. And that’s why this is a win and I am so proud to be a finalist. Recently we’ve been reflecting on what winning means to us at Brand by Me. It’s something we talk about a lot.  It’s always our goal for our clients – helping them create win-win-wins (for their organisation, for their audiences and for the world around us too). And we talk to our mentoring clients about the importance of celebrating their wins.Too often, people are afraid of talking about winning. Either they think it’s a dirty, cutthroat concept. Or they just don’t recognise the wins as they happen.

Winning isn’t about doing it at the expense of others. It doesn’t always mean being at the front. And it definitely doesn’t mean that someone else has to lose.

Our favourite definition of win is to achieve, gain or succeed in by striving or effort. It’s not about coming first. It’s about delivering your purpose, moving towards your vision and getting the results that are important to you because you put the effort in. Because you worked at it.

And that’s why being nominated for this award is a win for Brand by Me. Because we actually got the application in (and that required real team effort and forward planning at our busiest time). Because it’s recognition of our progress and success to date. And because it celebrates everything we stand for.

Who knows what will happen on awards night itself? But no matter what, we will be celebrating with all of the other nominees because we’re all about helping businesses win and part of that is about recognising and celebrating those wins along the way. And we’re excited that we’ll be in a room full of people doing exactly the same.


To date, we’ve won 3 awards:

PRECIOUS Creative Business of the Year 2018

Highly Commended – Independent Consultant of the Year, Women in Marketing awards 2018

WACL Future Leaders award, 2018/19

We couldn’t be happier!

Find out more about how we work with businesses to create wins here. And if you want to find out what happens, keep in touch!