When The Branding Gets Tough

When The Branding Gets Tough
Last week I shared this quote from a client

Thanks very much for your work so far…it has been pretty painless (which is not what I was anticipating re branding work!)

So why are branding processes often so painful?  Once you’re clear on who you are, what you stand for and how you do it (your brand), bringing this to life through your branding – your identity – should be simple and even fun.  But I’m not going to lie to you. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.   

I wrote about conflict last week and differing opinions, conflicting, changing or unclear objectives and loss of trust (whether this is between you and your chosen creative partner, your colleagues or even just in yourself) are just some of the reasons that will make a branding process painful and tough, rather than the positive fun activity it can be.  

So, what can you do when the going gets tough? How can you bring a painful branding process back on track?   

Here are a few tips

1. Go back to your original objectives

Why are you doing this?  Have the original objectives changed in some way?  Maybe you weren’t clear in the beginning. Don’t worry. The key thing is to work out why you’re doing this so that you can re-establish your priorities.  By reviewing your objectives and where you are now, it will help you move forward.

2.“Either lead or support. Don’t complain”

Particularly in larger organisations, when the branding gets tough, the people start grumbling.  This is unhelpful.  You can offer constructive feedback but don’t moan.  

What’s your role in this situation?  If you’re reading this blog, it’s likely your job to lead the process.  If so here are some tips. (LINK https://brandbyme.co.uk/5-lessons-on-leadership/) Otherwise, think about how you can help.  What insight or skills can you offer?  

3. Take ownership

This one is self- explanatory.  Don’t seek to avoid, blame or evade responsibility.  Instead, hold your hands up to the issue and say what you’re going to do about it.  Make it clear that you’re accountable for finding a solution.

4. Seek help

This is a BIGGIE.  When things get tough, our natural response is to try and control the situation by doing everything ourselves and dictating to those around us.  That won’t work. You can’t do everything. You don’t know everything. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  If you’ve followed the other tips, you’ll have a clear sense of the problem so you don’t have to worry about making things worse. Getting an outside view is useful, whether it’s someone that’s been through something similar or a trusted contact with expertise in this area (ahem).



The reality is that sometimes things get painful.  Sometimes branding is tough. It’s how you handle it that matters.  And we can help so get in touch.