3 Reasons to Make it a Summer of Strategy

3 Reasons to Make it a Summer of Strategy

What comes to mind when you think of summer? Sun, sea and… strategy? The last one, probably not. Unless you’re us. The summer tends to be super busy for Brand by Me. It’s usually the time when we start working with business owners and brand leaders to explore the opportunity for their brands and help them think ahead, working out what changes are needed to make a difference and achieve their goals.

So why is this? Well, it’s because the summer is a GREAT time for strategy. A perfect time to look at your vision, set a clear direction for your business and plan the actions to achieve it. Here’s why

1. Everyone’s on holiday¬†

Colleagues, customers, clients are on holiday so you have space to think and plan beyond the day-to-day. Even if you’re going away, it’s worth planning in some thinking time, before you go or on your return to make the most of this

2. Brighter, longer days

The weather is better and days are longer. We find that this fuels positive thinking (the opposite effect of seasonal depression) and kick-starts our creativity too. Doing strategy doesn’t mean you need to be stuck in a meeting room. Take the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the fresh air as you brainstorm and plan.

3. You’re ready for ‘back to school’

Taking advantage of a quieter summer means you can make the most of the ‘back to school’ feeling in September. You know, the burst of activity and action-oriented focus that happens when everyone’s back in the office. If you’re a client focussed or work with other businesses, you may find that September is super busy for this reason. In any case, it’s useful to have done your strategic thinking and planning before this, so that when people are raring to go, you use your strategy to direct this energy and ensure that activities are working towards goals, and are not just tactics for the sake of doing something.

So here’s to a summer of strategy. Make it count!

PS We love strategy. So if you want a partner to help you map out your strategic thinking, then do get in touch