When it’s time for a new Vision

When it’s time for a new Vision


As you know we recently took a little break from writing our blog and had some time out from social media too. And it’s given us a bit of time to focus on our own brand.

So we took the opportunity to do an audit, looking at our purpose, personality, values and vision and reviewing our activities against our brand framework.

It was all fine. Great, in fact. Our brand is definitely capturing who we are and driving what we do. Until we got to the vision, that is.

According to the definition in a great book, I read recently, a vision should:

  • be evolving not fixed,
  • be optimistic,
  • stir hearts and minds of the people who need to help you achieve it and,
  • inspire everyone involved to see beyond their limits.


When I read this definition I realised we needed to evolve our vision. Our current vision

‘We want to be the Beyoncé of brand strategy.’

is fun. And all about having a global impact, in a creative and convention-shattering way. But that’s not our vision. It’s not what the future looks like if we’re living our purpose. And it’s not enough to inspire the people, we need to help us achieve it.


So what is our new vision? Well, it’s simple.

Our vision is to be the GO TO for trailblazing organisations with social purpose at their heart, helping them build world-changing brands that leave a lasting legacy.

It inspires us because it’s about being the go-to, not just one of many. And because it’s about helping our clients build their legacy. Leaving an indelible footprint that will change the world for good.

Exciting, right?

So what does it mean?  Well, it hasn’t changed who we are. But it has helped us focus our goals and strategy. So you’ll hear more about that in future posts.

In the meantime, look back at the definition. Does your vision live up to this? If not, it might be time to review.

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