Why a break won’t break your brand

Why a break won’t break your brand


This week’s post is inspired by a personal decision. If you look at our social media channels, you’ll see that we’ve been pretty quiet over the festive period. Not unusual, right? The festive period is a great time to take time out. And most people do exactly that.

But usually, I do the opposite. I use the time to catch up, work on my own business and plan for the next year. The end of last year was no different. That was the plan anyway.

Except when the time came, I was exhausted. Brand by Me had an AMAZING 2017 but I needed to recharge and renew as a result.

It wasn’t easy to stop.

I felt guilty. I worried that I’d get behind, lose visibility or that I’d start the year without a plan or sense of direction.

However, taking time out has been brilliant. I didn’t think about the business (much) over Christmas. I didn’t start again on 2nd January with a list of ambitious goals. And it’s all good. In fact, it’s been so good, I’m extending the break.

Well sort of.

I’m having a break from social media in January to give me more time to consolidate my learnings from 2017. And also to free myself up for a bit of self-care.

So here’s my lesson. Despite the pressure to be ‘always on’ and ‘ahead of the game’, taking a break WON’T break your brand. It’s essential to take time out. In fact, the renewed energy and fresh perspective you gain will be great for building your brand, whether tackling challenges and making the most of exciting opportunities.

So if your January is all about setting goals and starting new projects, well done you. But equally, if you’re knackered and need more time after Christmas to rest and recover, then DO IT.

I’ll see you in February.


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