Time to Celebrate (2017 in Review)

Time to Celebrate (2017 in Review)

This time last year, I wrote a post about the 3 actions you need to take for a brilliant brand in 2017. So, how did you get on? Now is a great time to look back and celebrate what you’ve achieved. In fact, that was my last monthly brand action of the year. And that’s exactly what we’re doing at Brand by Me, so I wanted to share our successes and learnings with you

How did those actions work for us? Let’s review

1. We looked back at our vision

Last December we went to an AMAZING conference called ‘Fuelling women’s ambition’. And we realised that if we wanted to achieve our vision, we needed to be more ambitious and work with ambitious businesses too. So that’s what we did. Check out the newly rebranded Your People Potential (formerly Namasté  Culture) as an example of the clients we’ve helped to realise their ambition

2. We invested in our brand 

We know just how important it is to make sure that every element of our brand is working hard for our business. And this takes investment – of money, time and resource. We invested our time and energy in a revamp of our offer and website to make it clearer who and how we help. We brought in a business coach to help us set goals and deliver on our purpose consistently. We built our team with a brilliant digital marketing assistant and hotshot project manager so we could do more of what we do best. And it totally worked – we trebled our turnover thus year AND worked with more of the small businesses and social change organisations we love to help. As we often say, that’s a win-win-win! An example of a great business with social purpose at its heart is Dotty’s Kitchin. We helped them develop a strong brand to turn their popular Facebook page into an online course and kids menu consultancy, all built around a really clear purpose – changing society’s perception of kids food

3. J. F. D. I. (We just effin did it) 

Our favourite quote of this year (and one of our top leadership lessons) is from Dr Sam Collins 
“Get up, get going, get on with it!”. So when she called the day before a conference, looking for a speaker, we said YES. And it was brilliant

So those were the actions we took in 2017 to build a brilliant brand. What about you? 

Have a fabulous festive break and see you in 2018!

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