3 Ways to Boost your Business

3 Ways to Boost your Business

Last week I spoke at a Natwest event called ‘Boosting BME business’.

It was in celebration of Black History Month, and it was an opportunity for business owners, whether startups or established, to come together, share learnings, gain insight and, of course, network.

There were 3 talks – finance (by Clayton Coke from PRMS Ltd), networking (by Bella Networking) and of course, brand (by me – see what we did there?) And here’s the thing. Despite the different topics, the fact that the talks were planned totally independently and the diverse experiences of each speaker, there were 3 business tips that came up in all 3 talks. 3 top tips that were so relevant and essential to building a business, that whether the topic was building cash flow, connections or brand consistency, they kept coming up.

So I thought I’d share them with you here:

  1. Know your audience

Apparently, most businesses fail because there is no market for their offer. So it’s key to know who your audience is, why they need what you do and also what they need from you too.

  1. ‎Understand your point of difference

Linked to the above, if you don’t understand what is different about what you do and what makes you stand out, (and are not tough with yourself in evaluating this), why would anyone want it?

  1. ‎Have a system – and embed it

We all talked about the importance of having the right tools and processes in place to embed good practices and make it easier for you to manage the competing priorities of a growing business. And it’s key to manage risk, be efficient but also deliver consistently.

So if you’re looking to boost your business, here are 3 things you need to start doing today. Whether you’re looking at managing cash flow to make your business sustainable, building a network of advocates, like-minds, and complementary experts, or harnessing the superpowers of your brand, these 3 steps are essential to your success.

Looking to boost your business? Get in touch, because we can help!

(and thank you, Sharniya Ferdinand for hosting a brilliant event!)