How defining your brand will build your network

How defining your brand will build your network

One of the unexpected benefits of developing your brand is that it makes you WAY better at networking.


Whether it’s your personal brand or a business brand, if you spend time thinking about it, it helps you network.

I used to HATE networking. I found it awkward and thought that it was all working the room and schmoozing. Bleugh. But it was only when I set up Brand by Me, that I realised networking is about connecting with like minds and working out how you can support each other. And that’s why brand and networking are such a great fit.

Here’s how defining your brand will make you a better networker

  • Having a clearly articulated purpose (and vision) will make a lot easier to work out who you can help and identify the like minds that can help you achieve your goals.
  • Demonstrating your brand personality will help you stand out, even if there are other people who do something similar.
  • You can use your values to build an immediate connection with people you’ve only just met and find out ways you can exchange knowledge, skills and build relationships.
  • Plus on a very practical level, your brand framework has all of the elements you need to create a great elevator pitch. You just need to identify how your brand is relevant to people in the room (or at the event or wherever you are). A helpful formula is to think about who, why, how and what:
    • Who are you talking to?
    • Why might people in the room need what you do?
    • How do you do it differently from the rest?
    • What do they get from working with you?
  • If you answer these questions, you will clearly identify how you can help. It doesn’t have to be a one-sided sales pitch, it can be a great conversation starter too. I’ve often struck up brilliant conversations about why people do what they do, or what they think makes them different.

What are some of your top networking tips? Share them in the comments below.


If you’re struggling to describe what you do in networking situations, you might just need to spend some time on your brand. And we can help!