How to Avoid the Hard Sell

How to Avoid the Hard Sell

For many people (myself included), selling is hard. It can feel uncomfortable, awkward and a bit crass to sell what you do – especially when it’s your own business.

As one of my clients said, ‘I just don’t want to seem too braggy’.

And equally I hate being sold to. I can spot sales patter a mile off – the fake question that comes with a pre-prepared response, the false inquiry into my need or circumstances, when the person asking is not actually interested in my answer or problem. And worst of all, the fact that if you do make the mistake of engaging, once the prepared speech has begun, there’s no way to stop it even if it’s obvious to both parties that it’s totally irrelevant.


Yet I love buying stuff. Whether it’s something I’ve wanted for ages or an impulsive purchase. I get a real thrill from finding something or someone that can help me out of a bind and I’m incredibly grateful for anything that solves a specific problem, if it arises.

And I’m sure I’m not alone. So if people love buying stuff and finding solutions to problems, why is it so hard to sell?

It’s simple.

People hate being sold to because they are being forced to listen to something that is irrelevant, intrusive and doesn’t matter to them.

It’s not selling that’s the issue. It’s BAD sales techniques.

The good news is that understanding your brand can help you avoid the hard sell. If you’re clear on your purpose, you will be able to quickly identify the people who need what you do and pinpoint when they need it. By defining your brand  personality, you can work out how you can talk to people in a way that feels ownable and natural to you. And by articulating your values, you will be able to behave in a way that lives up to your principles and find people that share them, so it never feels uncomfortable.

Instead of selling to people, focus on how you can help. It will immediately stop feeling like a hard sell and become something that’s both easy and enjoyable to buy.

If you’re looking to define how you help your customers or clients, do get in touch!