5 signs it’s time to rebrand

5 signs it’s time to rebrand

Here’s a question I get asked a lot. How do you know if it’s time to rebrand?

The decision to rebrand should always be a business decision.  Rebranding is a significant investment of time, effort and budget.  Not just in creating your new identity,  but more importantly how you roll it out and embed it across your business.

So how do you know when it’s time for a rebrand?



Here are 5 signs you might need to consider rebranding your business:


  1. Despite your best efforts, your ideal clients/customers still don’t understand what you do or worse, think you do something totally different to what you actually do.
  2. Your branding doesn’t differentiate you or communicate who you are or what you do anymore
  3. You are forced to create new separate identities for each product or service you launch (and you’re not Unilever or P&G) because they won’t fit under your main, established brand.
  4. Your tried and tested marketing techniques are no longer working effectively
  5. Your staff are struggling to deliver your business strategy because they don’t understand it (or their role within it)

If any of these are happening within your business, it’s a really strong sign it’s time to rebrand. You may even find that you are experiencing several of these issues as they are often linked.

However you don’t need to wait till you’re experiencing these issues. You can proactively decide to rebrand so that you’re ready to expand or grow your business and have a clear framework to work from.

This was the case for my client, My Local Economy (formerly Athey Consulting). You can read the full case study here but they decided to develop their brand to take advantage of new opportunities in their market and reach more of their ideal clients.  And it worked!

As Glenn, the Managing Director said

“Overall…a clear, focused brand identity which coherently matched my business offer and aspirations.”

So, ask yourself today “Is it time to rebrand?”

And if you’re experiencing any of the issues above, the answer is probably yes.


If you’re thinking about rebranding, or even unsure if it’s time, why not get in touch today? Here’s how we can help.