3 actions for a brilliant brand in 2017

3 actions for a brilliant brand in  2017

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So, as we wrap up for the festive break, this is our final blog post for 2016! And we thought we’d give you 3 actions you can take to make sure 2017 is AMAZING for your brand.


1. Look back at your vision

What progress have you made towards your vision this year? What do you need to differently next year to achieve your vision? Because your vision is what your future looks like if you’re delivering your purpose. It’s a great way to anchor your planning and make sure you’re delivering on your brand.



2. Make the case for investing in your brand


Your brand will add huge value to your business. But only if you invest in it. Whether it’s to connect you with the like-minded audiences that will understand and buy into what you do, or demonstrate exactly why you’re worth paying a premium for, or explain and reinforce those things that make you stand out from the rest. And investing isn’t just about money – it’s about your time, your resources and your energy too. So think about how your brand has added value to your business this year, and what you want to do more of next year – and then work out where you need to invest as a priority. And then contact Brand by Me, because we can help!


3. J.F.D.I.


Seriously. Just FLIPPIN’ do it. So many great ideas, so many powerful strategies don’t see the light of day, because people don’t take action. So do it today. Make a start. Call it a test. And whatever happens make sure you learn from it.

So there you go.  3 actions you can take for a brilliant brand in 2017.


Have a fantastically festive break and look forward to catching up in the New Year.


Brand by Me will be back at work on 3rd January.

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