Brand workshops for your business

Brand workshops are the ideal way to learn essential brand techniques in a fun and collaborative space.


“Thank you again for an insightful, straightforward and empowering workshop. I’m planning to step back and work on my business in January and will use your content to the max!”

Feedback from attendee of NatWest “Her-LARIOUS” personal brand workshop, November 2018.


We run bespoke brand workshops for groups of 2-200+people.   Whether your business or organisation is looking for an introduction to brand strategy, an overview of brand management, or a personal brand masterclass ,we’ve got a workshop to suit your needs!  Here are some of the past workshops we’ve run.

Essentials of Brand Strategy workshop – Brand 101

Brand 101 is our popular introduction to brand strategy.  In this workshop, we show attendees how to build a brand strategy for any business.  Whether your business is just starting up, you’re thinking of rebranding, or you’re a marketing team looking for a refresher on brand strategy and identity, this is the workshop for you!

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Brand Management workshop

In this interactive brand workshop,  we take attendees through the most important brand management techniques for any business.  From brand guidelines to how to measure success, this workshop will help you build and establish your brand’s positioning for now and the future.   Book this workshop for your business and your team will leave confident on how to manage your brand for business success.

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Discover the power of your personal brand workshop

“The question is no longer IF you have a personal brand, but if you choose to guide and cultivate the brand or let it be defined on your behalf.”

Personal brand is a really popular buzzword and everyone’s talking about it. But what is your personal brand and why does it matter?  Do you actually need one?  As the quote above states, you don’t just need one, you already have one!  So how do you define it and make it work for you?

In this interactive workshop, we will take you through our unique approach to defining your personal brand and share with you top tips  on how to build a powerful personal brand.  We can tailor the workshop to the needs of your organisation – helping teams understand their individual unique traits and how they can play to all of their strengths and looking at how to build a personal brand within the workplace.  Helping employees build their personal brands is also a powerful way to encourage diversity within an organisation and develop leadership skills too.  You can read more about this on our blog.

We’d love to talk to you about running a bespoke workshop within your organisation!