Developing a new brand positioning for Namasté Culture

Namasté Culture are a Cambridge based training consultancy working with companies to help them acquire the best from their people.


Through their expertise knowledge in both psychology and HR they promote psychological well-being at work by providing training and support. Their philosophy is simple – respect and take care of your people because they are your success story. 


Namasté Culture felt there was a disconnect between their business name and the services they offer to their more corporate client base. Although their name worked well for their warmest audiences who knew them very well, they were concerned that the value of what they do wasn’t clear – especially to the companies and businesses they could really help.  And although they’d tried several times to articulate what they do differently, they were struggling to communicate who they were and what they stand for to the decision-makers who shape and change the culture of companies.


We knew this wasn’t simply about coming up with a new name – we needed to help Namasté Culture understand and communicate their unique positioning and the value they add to their clients.  So we started with a thorough audit of their current brand and marketing materials to understand exactly what they were saying currently.  We held stakeholder interviews to find out what their clients thought of their offer, and also understand their perceptions. Then we ran a series of interactive workshops to develop their brand framework, identify their own-able and brilliant strengths and translate this into a compelling and powerful offer.

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The Impact

Feedback from David, a trainer at Namasté Culture at the end of our final workshop sums up how they felt

“That was fantastic.  I feel like we’ve been on a journey of clarification.”

Our work with Namasté Culture has given them much needed clarity on how they present their unique offer to corporate decision-makers.  They have new concise and compelling language that they can immediately use to communicate the valuable services and support they offer for employees and line managers alike.  And most importantly, their brand framework has left them fired up for their next phase of business transformation and the essential changes they now need to make to their brand and communication.   

So what worked particularly well for them?  In the words of Jacqui, Director at Namaste Culture

The collaborative approach guiding us through the development of a new brand. You do exactly what you say you will do and you are quick and no nonsense. You get things done, you are focused and quick to respond/take action where needed.  We have loved working with you and look forward to working together again.”

And we look forward to helping Namasté Culture take the next step on their brand journey too!

Find out how we helped Namasté Culture take the next step in their brand journey!

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