Personal brand consultancy

 “Today you are you!  That is truer than true!  There’s no one alive who is you-er than you!”

As Dr Seuss says, personal branding is all about YOU.  Capturing what you do at your best and helping you use this to reach the audiences that matter to you the most.  We work with senior leaders, freelancers, solopreneurs, sole traders  – anyone who needs to build their powerful, authentic personal brand to increase their impact and the difference they can make to the world around us.


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This is not just personal branding.  This is your personal brand.

It starts with your purpose.  By defining what you stand for and what you’re in the world to do, it helps you focus on the awesome things that you do best.

And you don’t have to leave it to chance, or circumstance.  We can help you define your purpose, and build your personal brand in a strategic and tangible way, that captures your most authentic , brilliant and unique self.

And once we’ve  done this, it will shape how you appear to the world.

It will make your offer crystal clear and call out to the clients, customers, fans, followers and connections you most want to attract.

Each session was helpful in deepening my perspective and shaping my brand.  As we walked through the purpose, values, propositions and ideal clients, I was able to clarify my thinking.  I cherished the huge value you added to me and my business through sharing your knowledge and expertise in developing my brand.

Vikki Coombes, Director, Bright Horizons

From purpose to brand

Over the course of two or three 90 minute sessions, we will work with you to define your purpose and shape and articulate your personal brand.

  • Session 1 – Purpose and Personality

It all starts with your purpose – what are you in the world to do and why are YOU best placed to do it? We’ll define your purpose and use this to shape everything you do, in a way that is authentic to who you are.

  • Session 2 – Your unique proposition

So what do you do? We’ll work on your proposition – how you describe what you do, in a way that will attract and appeal to the audiences you most want to attract.

  • Session 3 – Putting your brand to work

Finally we’ll look at how you can use your brand to promote yourself effectively.  We’ll look at how you create a distinct identity (this doesn’t necessarily mean your own logo!), how you make the most of all of the channels you use on a daily basis to promote what you do, and how you stand out so the world can see just how brilliant you are.